Expenses Update March 2018


Eating Out: $337.85 

Drinks: $13.25 

Transport: $50 

Groceries: $6.85

School Notes: $6.50 

Entertainment: 17.32 

Others: $3.10


Eating Out: $201.70 

Drinks: $47.80 

Groceries: $20

Transport: $141 

Others: $49.20 

Misc: $97.20 

Travel: $200 

Driving: $959 

Expenses on food & drinks for BF this month were considerably higher due to 3 buffet visit (YIKES!). Entertainment comprises of Karaoke & Pool with group of friends. Spending $450 a month is quite a luxary as BF did not feel the need to restrict much.

Expenses for GF was reduced significantly this month! (Despite the higher spending on Driving, Travel, Misc which are one off things). Spending on drinks was reduced by 40%, Eating out down by almost 50%! This was due to only 1 visit to restaurant this month and having homecooked dinners at home. Two trips on taxi to and fro airport added to the increase in Transport. Had a mini company getaway in which flights and accomodation were paid for, rest was self paid.

Perhaps, we should look in the use of credit cards if possible to maximise every dollar spent. However, our monthly expenditure on cards would unlikely hit the minimum sum needed to spend on most cashback cards. Would probably discuss more about our options on credit cards in the coming posts.