Expenses Update Feb 2018


Eating Out: $240.50 

Drinks: $9.30 

Transport: $34 

Gym: $5.35 

School Notes: $3.50 

Others: $52.85

Dental: $ 107 


Eating Out: 397.95 

Drinks: $80.20 

Groceries: $26 

Transport: $97 

Others: $160 

Driving: 440.35 

Added a new section "Others" for consolidation of money spent on others.

Its the month with the least day in the year again! BF was able to cut down expenses by almost 300 dollars this month!! This was partly due to the CNY festive period where he didn't need to spend much on food (Thank you aunties and mum for the delicious food :p)
Entertainment cost was zero for this month as we opted to stay indoors to watch drama. 
Bringing water bottle to school really helps to cut down on the frequency of buying bottled drinks. 

GF expenses increased this month as most of her meals were eaten outside (OT + tuition). Drinks for this month were at a high because of the daily indulgence of teh bing + milo bing. 

Our food costs were kept to a level where its reasonable as most of our meals when we went out were at hawker centres.

Looks delicious isn't it! On days where we felt like indulging, we would order a main for each of us and then an extra meal for us to share. Followed by drinks and desserts (at the hawker centre of course!).

Guess how much we would spend on a full and satisfying meal like that? Less than the price of a bowl of ramen! Who says we cant eat a lot of nice food within a budget?

Also, thankful for GF who loves hawker as much as I do :)

Money saving tips: 
1. Dine at home, if its not an option, dine at hawker centres (Taste equally as good) 
2. Bring water bottle  

Let us know if you have any other money saving tips!